What Subscribers Say

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"I enjoy your newsletter. Indeed you have provided me and friends with great wine choices that we have thoroughly savoured."—Jack

"I follow your newsletter religiously every release and have been doing so since 2009. My tastes align with your scores. Thanks so much for producing this newsletter." —Lynn

"You guys are always at the top of our 'go to' list for product info. You're also one of the rare 'no pretentiousness' experts, without the Big Brother Is Watching You marketing and vested interests. Goodness knows, advocates and reliable informed sources like you are critical and uncommon. Top that with personal and detailed responses to an average Ontario consumer, and I have to ask. How do you fit all that in and still have time to live?" —Paul

"Nice job this release - Always appreciate the newsletter Vic and Susan!" —Ian

"Always enjoy winecurrent. Keep up the good work. I have tasted many wonderful wines because of your newsletter. Thanks!"—Catherine

"Just read your reviews for the new release, as I always do, and wanted to thank you for the best reviews out there. Keep up the good work. I truly appreciate it."—Stephen

"Just a quick note, to let you know how much I appreciate your reviews.  I enjoy reading them, put my picks on my BB and use them frequently to direct me in my acquisitions.  So happy to have your insights and I hope you will keep them coming!" —Pat

"I love the quick link to the LCBO inventory. One of those 'why didn't they think of it sooner' features.  Good job." —Steve

"The 'link to LCBO' feature is AWSOME!! Will save me TONS of time. THANKS A BUNCH!" —Tanja

"It's an excellent new feature being able to search the LCBO right from your site, well done.  Saves me a lot of cutting and pasting!" —Brian

"I do enjoy reading each bi-weekly message and using your first-rate descriptions as a guide to my selections.  Please keep up the excellent review work. Sláinte!" —Howard

"I appreciate winecurrent for its comments, it helps me choose from a wide variety of Vintages wines - impossible for me to try all wines from the Vintages Catalogue - and new brands that arrive at the L.C.B.O..  Your opinions & observations are always well received." —Ray

"Your work is very appreciated. With your help I am creating one heck of a vintage cellar! Look me up in 10 years and come see how some of the better wines held up" —Mat

"Just wanted to let you all know how much this newsletter is appreciated.  I can't say I buy something as a result of each issue -- but I've archived them all and refer to them for sound advice.  Thank you.  You're doing God's work!"  —Paul
"A lot of what I've learned about wine is from winecurrent.  Thank you."  —Brad
"We look so forward to getting your newsletter and we don't go out Saturday morning without it!"  —Shannon
"I rely on your picks big time so I was getting a little anxious when I hadn't seen it.  I think we have very similar tastes because I haven't been disappointed yet with any of your picks over the past 3-4 years.  Keep up the great work!"  —Barry
"Love your newsletter and the wines you pick."  —Alicia
"Wouldn't go to the LCBO on release day without your choices. A few of us compare what we buy and sometimes get together to taste them, it's lots of fun."  —Melissa
"Keep them coming they're the best!" —Kevin
"I find your reviews very useful and follow them faithfully. I use these ratings to copy selections to my 'to buy' list."—Gordon
"YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Now that I'm a winecurrent reader I'm always picking up the best wines for the best value.  When I entertain friends, they always ask about my wine choices and I pass on the winecurrent.com website address to them.  They are very thankful!   Keep up the great work."—Richard
"I enjoy your newsletter very much and always read it before making up my mind on which vintages to pick up in the next LCBO release.  I have found that your assessment of many wines (your star rating) runs very close to my own tastes.  Keep up the great reviews.  Cheers!"—Wayne
"I do enjoy your newsletter, a lot of your recommendations are in my cellar. My father in-law loves your recommendations, too."—Peter
"We really enjoy and rely upon the winecurrent newsletter.  We're off to visit a friend in BC who is very knowledgeable about wine and with the great suggestions and reviews in the September newsletter, we can take a taste of Ontario vintages with us.  Thank you!" —Judi
"We always look forward to and love discovering new wines.  Thanks to your newsletter we now have several gems aging nicely in our cellar.  We have yet to be disappointed by your recommendations."—Lucie