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Winecurrent is a free bi-weekly E-newsletter. It is an authoritative and valued source of unbiased, informative and easy to read wine reviews. All reviewed wines are available and easily accessible to those living in Ontario. With a rating out of five stars, reviews include aromas, how the wine tastes and feels as well as many food pairing suggestions. 

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Winecurrent publisher, Vic Harradine, has traveled the wine world, tasting and spitting his way through key wine-producing areas. He's written on wine for a number of Ottawa newspapers and national magazines, has authored or co-authored two books on wine; his wine reviews are quoted widely. Vic is a wine judge certified by Wine Judges of Canada. He's an accredited sommelier and former instructor, Coordinator and Director of the Algonquin Sommelier Certificate Program. His involvement with the National Capital Sommelier Guild includes former Director, President and currently, Governor. 

Vic's goal is to write/publish discerning, impartial wine reviews that stir interest in readers to seek wines closely mirroring their personal style and taste preferences. Wine reviews are dominated by what many people consider—consciously and sub-consciously—when choosing and drinking wine: indication and intensity of flavour and aromas; balance of key components—acid, fruit, tannin, alcohol, body/weight, texture, food pairings. Retail price doesn’t alter a wine’s taste, but a rating system showcasing wine of exceptional value is provided. A five-star rating system is used to assist readers.

Reviewer Lisa Isabelle is a graduate of the Algonquin College Sommelier Program and has attained her WSET Level 3 Award in Wine and SpiritsLisa now mentors a group of Sommelier students as she assists them in honing their wine-tasting and wine-evaluation skills. Her passion for learning, wine and travel has lead her to tasting wine at bodegas in Spain, on safari in Africa and along the Pacific Coast from Napa to the Okanagan Valley. She feels that just as every person has a story, so does every wine. Lisa enjoys discovering and sharing their stories.

Reviewer Susan Desjardins has been involved with the tasting, marketing and promotion of wines for five years, primarily working with Savvy Company, an Ottawa-based wine firm. She organizes and hosts public and private wine and food events and regularly selects wines and prepares the e-zine for ‘Savvy Selections’. An Algonquin College graduate sommelier and avid ‘foodie’, Susan spends considerable time traveling in Western Europe and the wine regions of Canada tasting and evaluating wine, meeting owners, winemakers and other wine industry personalities. Susan earned her WSET Level 3 Award in Wine and Spirits. Her background in business, horticulture and wine drive a wide-ranging interest in all aspects of the industry. Susan’s goals in tasting and selecting wines are to identify great-value high-quality wines introducing readers to varietals and wines they might not otherwise try.

Web master Dave Isaacs has been developing web sites since 1993, and is responsible for many wine and food related web sites in the National Capital region. He is also a graduate of the Algonquin College Sommelier Program and has received his WSET Level 3 Certification.